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29/04/2006 - Come see my adventures in cyberspace. This blog may tend to have a technical slant to it at times. At others, something I find interesting that I think should be noted rather than one of my other journals. Old description:Come read some accounts of my online adventures in cyberspace, at times you'll cross over into the real world with me too.

Location: Sudbury, ON, Canada

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Well, it's been an on-going battle for stability on my borrowed P2-350. I'm constantly removing viruses. You might ask, well, don't you have Antivirus software? Yes I do, AVG Free Edition that's how I've been catching the little beggars ONCE they're on my machine. You might then ask, how about a firewall? Yes I have one too, ZoneAlarm the free edition, version 5. They still manage to get onto my machine. How about spyware removal? Got that too, Ad-Aware 6 the free version. On top of all that I have Scotty the Watchdog, aka WinPatrol running to keep an eye on my system. I'm also running Mozilla so that I'm cutting off the huge holes Intern Exploder er, I mean Explorer creates just by its mere existence. All these efforts, including keeping patches up to date and fresh from Micorsoft, and viruses, trojans and malware still manage to weasel their way onto the system.

I've also taken to renaming some bothersome peices of the Operating systems that are left to be exploited, like TFTP (aka Trivial FTP) and let me tell you, that is no trivial little exploit, it opens some nice doors for things like the Dabber.A worm I just removed amongst others.

It's this sloppy pattern of leaving the proverbial house unlocked, windows open and a nobody keeping an eye on things mentality that's causing Windows users all this grief.

I didn't run into anywhere near this kind of pile of problems when I was running my Apple dual G4 MacIntosh with OS X.

Well that's it for now, time to get back to my other efforts.