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29/04/2006 - Come see my adventures in cyberspace. This blog may tend to have a technical slant to it at times. At others, something I find interesting that I think should be noted rather than one of my other journals. Old description:Come read some accounts of my online adventures in cyberspace, at times you'll cross over into the real world with me too.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Have a look at this article, which I originally found on Slashdot, ICYW.

- Yoda

Interesting behaviours observed tonight. More to come...

- Yoda

Check out this new media company called Spring Street Networks. From the founder of Nerve. Looks like they got some Internet property for the long haul.

My question is this, is their system good enough to withdraw your personal information completely. Do they have concordant agreements with their partners who gain access to your personal data?

- Yoda

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Next time you're in Blogger Check out their safe mode link. It's within the bottom window. Which tells me Blogger figured out a loop hole in the whole editor window/web browser combo they're running. Wish that was discussed somewhere. I'll have to check might have something.

And now I see that my blog is being edited even as I type.

Seems a cascade effect has been created.

- Yoda

Sometimes when you pick a domain name like Which apparentily results in this



Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2001-05-10
Registration Date.... 2002-03-12
Expiry Date.......... 2003-05-10
Organisation Name....
Organisation Address. 8 Country Club Drive
Organisation Address. _
Organisation Address. Chelmsford
Organisation Address. 01824
Organisation Address. MA
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES
Admin Name........... David Ingalls
Admin Address........ 8 Country Club Drive
Admin Address........ _
Admin Address........ Chelmsford
Admin Address........ 01824
Admin Address........ MA
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... (978) 250-0254
Admin Fax............ _
Tech Name............ Verio Hostmaster
Tech Address......... 5050 Blue Lake Dr.
Tech Address......... _
Tech Address......... Boca Raton
Tech Address......... 33431
Tech Address......... FL
Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
Tech Email........... hostmaster@VERIO-HOSTING.COM
Tech Phone........... 888-663-6648
Tech Fax............. _

Which shouldn't be double spaced, yet blogger does that in the editor preview window which tells me that they're filtering PRE tags somehow. Hmmmmm...

- Yoda

Hmmm...seems in the process of writing this web blog the embedded html is being analyzed, which makes sense since Google is such a huge parser for the internet. They have to sift through alot of crap to find what you're looking for, and so that makes one wonder what's so special about their technique. Please remember to view the alt tag and URL that are displayed before you click on a link. The simplest techniques are sometimes the most effective.

- Yoda

Always learning about one's pet peeves when surfing the net. People who purchase domains and park them. I've let some of mine expire and I'm hoping to repurchase them as soon as I have the cash and if they're still available. So enjoy the journey today when you visit

Anyone ever notice how methodical Google has been in their approach? What is it about them? I have observed a healthy blend of business acument and engineering. Reinforced when I reviewed their management team.

- Yoda

Yet blogger, knows well enough to check when I switch screens in their web interface. Which is independent of browser cause right now I'm working in Moz as usual.

There you the middle of chat with an online friend and Windows and Yahoo drop my net connection. What's worse is that with Yahoo, since I was in chat, they didn't double check in their client to see if I was still interacting with the computer. And I wonder what's blocking my reconnection, my doing it. Which sucks cause when I slap the enter key, at least with MSN you hit enter and it goes and goes through, or so they would lead you believe. Yet Yahoo put an indicator up that you're either connected or not. Which MSN doesn't. Something which I know Jabber does cause I have used it too.

Travel the internet and you might just be lucky enough to find the woman of your dreams. I happen to be living proof of such an occurence. She and I will be together sooner than I think either of us fully realize. I love her so much. I am smiling now thinking about her smiling when she reads this next time she's online.

- Yoda

minds still shifting gears...
....4 wheeling all-terrain dealing brain grinding power thinking and philosophizing

the modes we shift through...the moods we shift through...logic and emotions...what a combination...

- Yoda

I can't talk enough about all the positive aspects of Open Source software, with the usual caveats I offer as well and you'll often hear about that here on occassion. Such as Mozilla the Open Source spin off of Netscape. Which has continued to grow as a solid platform for web developers cause it provides excellent tools for the web developer. Outside of that it's a great platform for the average user cause it also has easy to use pop-up blocking coded in, instead of having to depend on a seperate program, like you do with Internet Explorer. Of course, there's much debate as always. Althought sound choices of software make the surfing experience more enjoyable. Anyway grab release 1.3.1 on the right hand side. And for those dualies out there..( PC and Mac users like myself) .

Also with respect to browsers, I'm currently working on a project to demonstrate just how dangerous browesrs can be.

Caching issues with respect to your privacy, and I'm working on a tool with respect to that as well. Sound coding principles are a must when you code. Unfortunately, flaws in fundamental programs like web browsers, now being tied to software via the operating system thanks to Microsoft's methodology, create a wonderful conduit for assistive and prohibitive mechanisms.

- Yoda

Welcome to the first post of another day on the net. Although this isn't my first day on the net, this is the first post for this day. A new blog begins....

- Yoda